Our Team.

Meet the people behind the magic and their story.

Our Team.

Meet the people behind the magic and their story.


Nuvole is an international company specialized in online communication through open-source tools, and working primarily in Belgium and Italy. We focus on web platforms based on the popular open-source Drupal framework, used by institutions such as the White House, Harvard University, the City of London and the City of Venice.

Nuvole has its roots in international student organizations and in the NGO sector, and it delivered several projects over the years conjugating its Drupal experience and its knowledge of the NGOs world. On the technical side, Nuvole contributes its solutions back to the Drupal community and shares best practices in its technical blog.

Meet the people

Andrea Pescetti

Andrea Pescetti co-founded Nuvole in 2010 and is currently serving as Executive Director. He started working with Drupal in 2006 and built his Drupal expertise in not-for-profit organizations, as a Web Team member at the Erasmus Student Network and as a founder of Youth Agora, where he delivered EU-funded web projects for European organizations.

Now focusing on Drupal, Data and DevOps, he is a regular speaker, presenter and trainer at Drupal events, including the bi-annual international DrupalCon.

Outside Nuvole, he teaches Web Communication and Data Journalism at the University of Parma and he contributes to many open source and free software projects and organizations, serving as former Chair of the Apache OpenOffice project, as a member of the Apache Software Foundation and as a volunteer of the Free Software Foundation. He also consulted for Public Administrations to discuss software-related law proposals.

Antonio De Marco

Antonio started working with Drupal in 2005 while advocating it in large student organizations like the Erasmus Student Network, where he was responsible for the ESN Satellite project, a Drupal distribution now used by more than 300 ESN sections all over Europe. After moving to Brussels he founded Youth Agora, a non-profit organization working on Drupal projects in the field of international youth information.

In 2008, due to the increasing demand for Drupal projects, he co-founded Nuvole, a Drupal company based in Brussels, Italy and Czech Republic and specialized in working with international NGOs. Nuvole, due to its geographically distributed team, is a pioneer in the field of 100% code driven development in Drupal 7 and advanced configuration management techniques in Drupal 8.

Since 2013 he has been working as an external consultant at the European Commission and, since 2017, he has been leading its Drupal 8 initiative advocating a modern decoupled approach in dealing with Drupal distributions.

Antonio shares his experience on the company's blog and he is a regular speaker, presenter and trainer at national and international events, like DrupalCon. He is also the creator and main developer of several Drupal modules.

Fabian Bircher

Fabian made websites and event registration systems as a hobby back in 2003 and used Drupal as a site administrator in 2006. It wasn't until 2011 when Fabian started developing with Drupal, when he joined the international board of the Erasmus Student Network for two years.

There Fabian was responsible for upgrading the ESN Satellite project to a full fledged Drupal 7 distribution, switching from svn to git and transforming the intranet with single-sign-on to make its development more flexible and maintainable and add many more features. The single-sign-on is now used on over 500 sites.

Since 2013, Fabian works as a developer for Nuvole and creates Drupal sites and apps for clients. Besides being a senior developer, Fabian shares his knowledge as a speaker at Drupal events ranging from the European DrupalCon to many smaller Drupal events across Europe. He is also heavily involved in the Drupal community and in core discussions. In his free time, he trains volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network and scouting groups or likes to go swimming, hiking and visiting friends all over Europe.

Massimo Altafini

A Designer by educational background (he graduated at Polytechnic of Milan in Industrial Design - Design of Visual and Multimedia Communications) and a computer enthusiast since he was a teen, Massimo experienced all the stages of evolution of the Web from its origins to today.

His professional life, started in 1999, focused mainly on front-end development (graphics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and UX design, with targeted insights on back-end development; he finally adopted the Drupal CMS since its early days (he has been an active member of the international Community since 2006) and reached a high level of Drupal knowledge.

He likes to see himself as belonging to a "new" category defined as hybrid-designer, a profile that can combine knowledge related to Communication Design (including graphic design, creativity, usability, information architecture and interfaces) with the needs and constraints of software development and CMS-based solutions.

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